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A new kernel timer API

A new kernel timer API

Posted May 19, 2005 13:04 UTC (Thu) by davecb (subscriber, #1574)
Parent article: A new kernel timer API

Hmmn, does that mean we can have a portable
high-resolution timer interface in userland?

I'm a performance engineer and tend to depend
on (or port) implementations of the
POSIX hrtime().


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A new kernel timer API

Posted May 19, 2005 17:14 UTC (Thu) by jsbarnes (guest, #4096) [Link]

The kernel already supports some POSIX clock routines, like clock_gettime,
as well as a few different types of clocks. If your platform supports it
(i.e. if you have a good clock source available and someone's written a
kernel driver for it), high resolution timers are available via that

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