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GNOME language independence

GNOME language independence

Posted May 12, 2005 21:20 UTC (Thu) by scripter (subscriber, #2654)
In reply to: GNOME and high-level languages by jwb
Parent article: A new Harmony Project

The libraries are where most of the power resides for most programming languages, and without a community, the libraries don't get developed.

So, if my favorite language is lisp (it's not, by the way), but all of the libraries are developed in Python.PARROT (or Python.NET), then the philosophy of the Python community is going to "leak" into my lisp program, and it may not mix according to the lisp community's satisfaction.

There's another least-common-denominator problem. For example, with the .NET CLR, libraries have to use signed integers for compatibility between languages. C# supports unsigned (and even checked) integers, but VB does not. What if all of the libraries were written in VB.NET? It wouldn't be a good thing for security.

What about exceptions? If we have Pascal.NET or Pascal.PARROT, and try to have it call C# libraries that throw exceptions, what do you do? Force Pascal to have exceptions? Perhaps there are solutions to such problems.

Blending the philosophy of separate communities is difficult. People like their communities, and they like the distinct values of those communities. Forcing everyone to to walk like a duck, talk like a duck, and waddle like a duck isn't going to go over well, IMHO.

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