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Re: [PATCH] kernel/module.c has something to hide. (whitespace cleanup)

From:  Andrew Morton <>
To:  Jesper Juhl <>
Subject:  Re: [PATCH] kernel/module.c has something to hide. (whitespace cleanup)
Date:  Tue, 10 May 2005 17:23:32 -0700
Archive-link:  Article, Thread

Jesper Juhl <> wrote:
> > 
> > Well I suppose I could live with a few REALLY REALLY BIG patches to do
> > to lots of files, but if it's the old death-by-1000-cuts, I'm gonna call
> > uncle this time.
> > 
> These things annoy me, so if you are willing to accept a few patches (in 
> the 10-20 range) that clean most (I'm not going to say all) of this stuff 
> up, then I'm game. Give me a few days (more likely a week or two or 
> slightly more) and I'll get that done. Those patches *will* be big 
> though...

OK, a few 100k-400k patches would suit.

Make the patches against latest -linus tree.  I'll then apply them on top
of latest -mm, discard all the rejects and then rediff against -linus.

That way we end up with a patch which minimises the number of conflicts
with other people's ongoing work.

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