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Testing Kubuntu 5.04

Testing Kubuntu 5.04

Posted May 6, 2005 0:31 UTC (Fri) by dberkholz (guest, #23346)
Parent article: Testing Kubuntu 5.04

> But to our knowledge, none of them can boast an existence of a
> comprehensive free manual that tells its users how to install, configure
> and use some of the useful non-free software and how to enhance their Linux
> operating system to get, in terms of usability, as close as possible to Mac
> OS or MS Windows.

I usually try to avoid being a Gentoo fanatic, but documentation is one instance in which it really shines. If you look at its desktop docs <>> and its handbook <>>, along with the rest of Gentoo's docs, I bet you'd find much of the same information and more.

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Testing Kubuntu 5.04

Posted May 16, 2005 18:15 UTC (Mon) by zakaelri (guest, #17928) [Link]

I must agree: the Gentoo documentation is some of the best I have read with regard to Linux.

I wanted to set up a 64 bit version of Linux for my Athlon 64 box, so I downloaded the Kubutu liveCD and tried running it. Overall, my experience was prety good. The only gripe I had was that it ran rather slowly. I chalked this up to it loading off my CD drive, and decided to install the official desktop on my machine.

Unfortunately, after I had installed it, I found it lacking. For any binary-distributed distro, I believe that things such as the nVidia drivers should be included on-disk. Also, like the article above says, the devs for Kubuntu neglected to include apps that KDE doesn't currently provide, such as image editing software. And, on top of that, it was still running woefully slow.

So, I am now back on gentoo (compiled -O2 -march=athlon64) and am *mostly* happy (Gentoo has problems of it's own, but I digress). Other than the DE (I am not a fan of GNOME), I found Ubuntu to be a very polished distribution. Having been a witness to that, I belive I may have put too much faith in Kubuntu. Hopefully 5.10 will have more of what I am looking for.

-- My 2 cents

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