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The "UNIX" way

The "UNIX" way

Posted Apr 29, 2005 16:56 UTC (Fri) by guest01 (guest, #25274)
Parent article: The Grumpy Editor's Guide to Image Management Applications

Remember way back when, when you first started using Linux/BSD/UNIX, and your Windows friends would laugh at you because emacs/vi didn't have a built-in spell-checker? And then you'd say: "but I've got 'ispell', it works with all my files, why would I want a spell checker integrated into each and every one of the tools I use when I could have one really good independent tool that I can use for all my files?"

But they just laughed anyway. And you'd try, valiantly, to explain the "many small programs with pipes" idea and show them the power of a good "grep | cut | tr | sort" command-line but they'd just look at you like you were nuts.

Remember that time? So why is everyone rushing to these all-in-one solve-all-your-problems-in-one-application utilities? Thank goodness for the "old-timers" like ImageMagik which are command-line driven. Anything I can do on a command-line can be placed in a script and performed on hundreds of files while I sleep.

From the moment I started taking digital pictures I've used nothing more than a set of about a dozen or so bash and python scripts to manage my pictures and generate thumbs, reduced images, and create web-pages ready for my server.

No wonder "linux on the desktop" is becoming an embarrassing, bloated eye-sore!

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