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Looking For A Project?

Looking For A Project?

Posted Apr 22, 2005 3:50 UTC (Fri) by gjmarter (guest, #5777)
Parent article: The Grumpy Editor's Guide to Image Management Applications

I have a somewhat different form of image management that I would like to see. I have never been able to put any time into developing it though, so I'll post it here in the selfish hope that somebody else wants it too.

Modern digital cameras have the nice feature that you have a fairly accurate date on every photo. I however, have a big pile of old photographs that I am slowly scanning in to my computer. I would like to have a tool that helps me organize these pictures chronologically.

The general idea would be to have an interface that presents me with two photos whose date order is not known, and the user would identify which photo comes first chronologically possibly recording a rationale. Over time, the database of time relationships would grow and a more complete time line would emerge.

Also, it should be possible to add non-photo events to the time line such as "House painted grey", so that I can have an anchor against where I put pictures with the grey house and pictures with the house still white.

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