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swsusp: documentation updates

From:  Pavel Machek <>
To:  Andrew Morton <>, kernel list <>
Subject:  [patch] swsusp: documentation updates
Date:  Thu, 21 Apr 2005 13:03:36 +0200

This updates documentation and fixes pointers in MAINTAINERS file.

Signed-off-by: Pavel Machek <>

--- clean/Documentation/power/swsusp.txt	2005-01-22 21:24:50.000000000 +0100
+++ linux/Documentation/power/swsusp.txt	2005-04-17 21:06:32.000000000 +0200
@@ -164,11 +171,11 @@
 should be held at that point and it must be safe to sleep there), and
-            if (current->flags & PF_FREEZE)
-                    refrigerator(PF_FREEZE);
+	try_to_freeze(PF_FREEZE);
 If the thread is needed for writing the image to storage, you should
-instead set the PF_NOFREEZE process flag when creating the thread.
+instead set the PF_NOFREEZE process flag when creating the thread (and
+be very carefull).
 Q: What is the difference between between "platform", "shutdown" and
@@ -233,3 +240,81 @@
 cat `cat /proc/[0-9]*/maps | grep / | sed 's:.* /:/:' | sort -u` > /dev/null
 after resume. swapoff -a; swapon -a may also be usefull.
+Q: What happens to devices during swsusp? They seem to be resumed
+during system suspend?
+A: That's correct. We need to resume them if we want to write image to
+disk. Whole sequence goes like
+      Suspend part
+      ~~~~~~~~~~~~
+      running system, user asks for suspend-to-disk
+      user processes are stopped
+      suspend(PMSG_FREEZE): devices are frozen so that they don't interfere
+      		      with state snapshot
+      state snapshot: copy of whole used memory is taken with interrupts
+      resume(): devices are woken up so that we can write image to swap
+      write image to swap
+      suspend(PMSG_SUSPEND): suspend devices so that we can power off
+      turn the power off
+      Resume part
+      ~~~~~~~~~~~
+      (is actually pretty similar)
+      running system, user asks for suspend-to-disk
+      user processes are stopped (in common case there are none, but with resume-from-initrd,
noone knows)
+      read image from disk
+      suspend(PMSG_FREEZE): devices are frozen so that they don't interfere
+      		      with image restoration
+      image restoration: rewrite memory with image
+      resume(): devices are woken up so that system can continue
+      thaw all user processes
+Q: What is this 'Encrypt suspend image' for?
+A: First of all: it is not a replacement for dm-crypt encrypted swap.
+It cannot protect your computer while it is suspended. Instead it does
+protect from leaking sensitive data after resume from suspend.
+Think of the following: you suspend while an application is running
+that keeps sensitive data in memory. The application itself prevents
+the data from being swapped out. Suspend, however, must write these
+data to swap to be able to resume later on. Without suspend encryption
+your sensitive data are then stored in plaintext on disk.  This means
+that after resume your sensitive data are accessible to all
+applications having direct access to the swap device which was used
+for suspend. If you don't need swap after resume these data can remain
+on disk virtually forever. Thus it can happen that your system gets
+broken in weeks later and sensitive data which you thought were
+encrypted and protected are retrieved and stolen from the swap device.
+To prevent this situation you should use 'Encrypt suspend image'.
+During suspend a temporary key is created and this key is used to
+encrypt the data written to disk. When, during resume, the data was
+read back into memory the temporary key is destroyed which simply
+means that all data written to disk during suspend are then
+inaccessible so they can't be stolen later on.  The only thing that
+you must then take care of is that you call 'mkswap' for the swap
+partition used for suspend as early as possible during regular
+boot. This asserts that any temporary key from an oopsed suspend or
+from a failed or aborted resume is erased from the swap device.
+As a rule of thumb use encrypted swap to protect your data while your
+system is shut down or suspended. Additionally use the encrypted
+suspend image to prevent sensitive data from being stolen after
--- clean/MAINTAINERS	2005-04-21 12:00:27.000000000 +0200
+++ linux/MAINTAINERS	2005-04-21 12:02:36.000000000 +0200
@@ -2090,9 +2090,7 @@
 P:	Pavel Machek
 S:	Maintained

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