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digikam's printing is better than that

digikam's printing is better than that

Posted Apr 19, 2005 2:50 UTC (Tue) by wjhenney (guest, #11768)
Parent article: The Grumpy Editor's Guide to Image Management Applications

Printing is a big hole in digiKam's capabilities. There appears to be no option to print multiple images at once (much less N-per-page capabilities). The image view window can print a single image, but it requires the user to type in a print command. At this point in the development of the Linux desktop, we can do better than that.

The operative word here is appears: unless features have been removed between 0.7.1 and 0.7.2, then one can simply select multiple images in a given Album or Tag view and click on Album->Export->Print Wizard. After selecting the paper size and image size (e.g., 4x6") then it automatically does the N-per-page layout for you. Also, since it uses KDE's standard kprinter component, you automatically get access to all the printer options for paper quality, resolution, and what have you. I find it hard to imagine how you could improve on digiKam's printing facilities - what a shame that you never found them!

Similarly, batch rotating a bunch of images is just a matter of selecting them and using the context menu. This works losslessly for me - on FC3, I just had to apt-get install kipi-plugins.

Also, the binary file (digiKam.db) is actually a SQLite database. Hence, it is dead easy to write scripts to manipulate the metadata (e.g., making a new tag that is an intersection or union of existing ones). If only digiKam would behave like f-spot in renaming modified photos then it would be perfect (well, maybe a way of exporting to BINS too - but I think I can script that myself if I find the time).

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digikam's printing is better than that

Posted Apr 19, 2005 16:12 UTC (Tue) by vmole (guest, #111) [Link]

...and click on Album->Export->Print Wizard...what a shame that you never found them.

What a shame that the digikam developers chose to ignore two decades of normal practice and bury the printing function anywhere except File->Print. Yes, I understand that printing is implemented as just another export plugin. But guess what? Your users don't care how it's implemented. Something as basic as printing shouldn't be something that the user has to hunt for.

For the record, I use digikam. But it's got some real usability issues.

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