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Linus has guts

Linus has guts

Posted Apr 14, 2005 14:38 UTC (Thu) by kevinbsmith (guest, #4778)
In reply to: Linus has guts by Tobu
Parent article: The guts of git

At first, I thought Linus was wasting his time (and that of others) on git. It is still possible that he is, but if he really has found a super-simple alternative to the complexity of other distributed SCM systems, then he has really achieved something remarkable. Sometimes it takes an outsider to see what the experts overlook.

If (almost) anyone else had pitched this idea to him, I doubt Linus would have paid any attention. If (almost) anyone else had come up with git, they would not have immediately attracted a community of developers to help build it. Linus also has the advantage of targeting a single workflow process within a single project. That's far easier than creating a generic tool.

If someone can wrap a true, minimal but functional generic SCM around this thing, I will try it. I like minimalist simplicity. We should know within a few weeks whether the fundamental ideas are a good foundation, or have dead-end limitations. At the moment, I'm betting it will work.

One other thing: I wish the authors of the various free distributed SCM's could gather to critique git's future possibilities. Assuming they could set aside their own biases, they are in the best position to point out limitations and guide the design.

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