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More info on OSS/FS SCM tools

More info on OSS/FS SCM tools

Posted Apr 7, 2005 14:20 UTC (Thu) by dwheeler (guest, #1216)
Parent article: The kernel and BitKeeper part ways

See Comments on Open Source Software / Free Software (OSS/FS) Software Configuration Management (SCM) Systems for some comments on the available OSS/FS SCM tools.

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Don't forget ArX

Posted Apr 7, 2005 22:55 UTC (Thu) by kevinbsmith (guest, #4778) [Link]

That page is a great resource. Thanks for creating and maintaining it.

I'm glad to see that ArX is mentioned briefly, but I'm still slightly puzzled about why ArX gets so little attention. It solves many of the same GNU arch problems as Bazaar-NG, but is much more mature.

I'm not in a position to judge whether or not ArX is capable of handling the kernel tree at this point. But it may be at least as close as monotone or darcs.

[Disclaimers: I have played around with ArX some but have not yet had a chance to use it heavily. Based on quite a bit of research and experimentation, I like ArX better than the alternatives. So I am helping the ArX project by maintaining the web page shown above, and doing a little evangelizing.]

More info on OSS/FS SCM tools

Posted Apr 9, 2005 1:33 UTC (Sat) by mongre26 (guest, #4224) [Link]

Good review, but unless you are a time traveler your revision date is a bit off. :)

"by David A. Wheeler
April 10, 2004; lightly revised April 10, 2005"

My clock says Apr 8 2005. Well maybe Sat Apr 9 GMT 2005 but still not the 10th.

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