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A shamei

A shamei

Posted Apr 7, 2005 14:17 UTC (Thu) by kfiles (subscriber, #11628)
In reply to: A shamei by zooko
Parent article: GCJ - past, present, and future

I can think of exactly two pieces of software which I might
want to use that are written in Java:
I would be interested to hear about any more such projects.

Well, ones that I use everyday include Eclipse (great IDE for just about anything, from SQL to Java to C and C#), Azureus (hands-down best bittorrent client in any language, using SWT), pdftk (great PDF manipulation, using GCJ-compiled iText), javassh (only decent way I know to do web-server-proxied SSH), Galleon (very cool Tivo HME server), and Netflix Addict (cool http-scraped GUI client for managing Netflix queues).

These are all applications I chose because they were the best, or only way to accomplish a task, not because or despite of the fact that they were written in Java. Of these, only Netflix Addict suffers from obvious Swing maladies.



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A shamei

Posted Apr 7, 2005 14:25 UTC (Thu) by zooko (guest, #2589) [Link]

Hey thanks, for the list! I'm glad there are at least a few useful Java apps.

A shame

Posted Apr 17, 2005 3:13 UTC (Sun) by jae (guest, #2369) [Link]

Azureus was why I installed Sun's Java. Tried to run it with kaffe et al first, but no dice. So I took the plunge (sad, sad day that was).

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