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Autopackage 1.0

Autopackage 1.0

Posted Apr 1, 2005 10:37 UTC (Fri) by ballombe (subscriber, #9523)
In reply to: Autopackage 1.0 by khim
Parent article: Autopackage 1.0

> If you'll think about it it's minor nitpick. I mean: sure enough .rpm or .deb is not executable. Yet both have pre- and post- install scripts. Isn't it the same thing ?

No it is not. With .deb and .rpm, you can inspect the pre- and post- install scripts before deciding to install the package. You can also decide to extract the data without running the scripts.

You cannot do that in a documented way with the current autopackage format.

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Autopackage 1.0

Posted Apr 2, 2005 20:11 UTC (Sat) by khim (subscriber, #9252) [Link]

And why the hell no ? It's just a script! Exactly like pre- or post- install scripts in .deb/.rpm! Sure if you'll find .rpm with pre- or post- install script 100Kb in size you'll probably skip this package (it's scary: what this #&*!^@&*#@ thing will do with my system?), but... difference is in quantity, not in size.

Basically: .rpm/.deb can be disastrous beasts, .package is always disastrous beast. First choice is better then second one, though not by very much.

Autopackage 1.0

Posted Apr 7, 2005 13:08 UTC (Thu) by mikehearn (guest, #29106) [Link]

Sure you can. The -d switch is documented and stable, it won't disappear anytime soon. It means running code, but it's all "in the clear" and you can read it first if you think it may be dangerous.

The -d switch puts the package into "debug" mode: it extracts the payload and the metadata into the temporary working directory, then dumps you into a shell so you can explore or edit the internals. At that point, all the scripts are available for your perusal.

Autopackage 1.0

Posted Dec 27, 2005 17:54 UTC (Tue) by dontunderstand (guest, #34777) [Link]

He Guys you really disappoint me... why not use the concept of softricity but now for Linux... That is the real sandbox idea, and easy to update, safe ... , using streaming

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