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Is the kernel development process broken?

Is the kernel development process broken?

Posted Mar 18, 2005 17:39 UTC (Fri) by Nicolas (guest, #28602)
Parent article: Is the kernel development process broken?

Free software is based on the gift culture no? Everyone is valued by the
quantity and quality of the gifts s-he makes to the comunity.
One must be given credit for what one does.

Let us give credit to the testers as much as we give to the developers

How do we do this?
I am not sure, but let me propose the following wild idea:

Create a tool that inventories all the hardware and software installed
on a given computer (is that possible? I guess it is but can't tell for

Then having this tool report on a centralized site: "Such-one used/tested
this-version-of-the-kernel for this-amount-of-time and reported X bugs.
Said bugs being: ...."
(Note: Would work for any application, not solely for the kernel)

Set an apropriate searching mechanism on the centralized site (bugoogle,
bugle, whatever)

I suppose one could then look in the site for a configuration similar to
his-her own and see how well the given kernel behave.

Anybody could become a tester, this could be something like the voting
scheme for most used applications in Debian (what's the name of this
application again?)

Could be used also to automatically create a top-10-testers list (give
people credit for their work)

Could also work like the film critics. How do you know if you might like a
movie? You find a critics that is almost always right (for you) and elect
him-her as your favorite. Everyone could elect his very own private tester
that has almost the same configuration and does actually a real good job
at testing the kernel (or whatever other piece of software).

just my 2 centavos


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