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HALs considered harmful

HALs considered harmful

Posted Mar 17, 2005 11:50 UTC (Thu) by grouch (guest, #27289)
Parent article: HALs considered harmful

"In this case, Neterion has reluctantly said that it will produce a non-HAL driver if that is the only way to get into the tree; other vendors may not bother."

Let those other vendors not bother, then. I will not bother to purchase from them. The Linux kernel hackers have done a lot for me without requiring a thing in return, beyond adherence to generous license terms. (There's no way I could pay them what their work has been worth to me). If a vendor wants my cash, that vendor must make the kernel hackers happy as well as me.

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HALs considered harmful

Posted Mar 26, 2005 0:20 UTC (Sat) by alext (guest, #7589) [Link]

I totally agree, let them not bother. Letting one or two get away with it will just encourage other vendors to expect the same. The ultimate result is that Linux take longer to get the full and proper support.

Linux is still growing and they will eventually do it properly first time as it becomes more worth their while.

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