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Keep it stable (except for the things I want to change)

Keep it stable (except for the things I want to change)

Posted Mar 11, 2005 5:34 UTC (Fri) by dlang (subscriber, #313)
Parent article: Is the kernel development process broken?

this seems to be what people are asking for.

they want the kernel kept stable, but they still want the latest drivers for all their goodies to be in it

what people are refusing to recognise is that most of the problems are caused by driver updates, not by the big new features (yes the big new features do cause problems once in a while, but the Dell keyboard error was a driver update)

2.6 is doing a phenominal job of integrating the big new features with very little problem, the problems are more with missing the fact that this driver update (which affects 500 pieces of hardware) breaks one hardware combination (even if it fixes two other combinations)

replace hardware combination with workload and you cover just about all of the rest of the problems (but while not all workloads are tested many are)

get any group of 1000 kernel users togeather and ask which parts should be updated so that they aren't left out in the cold and you will find that you probably have allowed so much of the kernel to be updated that you may as well allow updates to everything

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