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The OpenCroquet Project

The OpenCroquet Project

Posted Mar 6, 2005 17:55 UTC (Sun) by matty_x (guest, #28266)
In reply to: The OpenCroquet Project by leandro
Parent article: The OpenCroquet Project

"From the screenshots, it seems to be a crossover of yet another attempt at realising Doug Engelbart's vision for collaborative computing, with yet another attempt at a 3D interface, with networking."


"I'd be more comfortable with 3D was an option and all collaboration could be performed in text mode (braille terminals, dumb terminals anyone?) or in 2D (old machines) as well."

Why not bring up a braille terminal or a dumb terminal within a 3D Croquet window? Or use an old machine to VNC a better machine that's running Croquet? Or work collaboratively on a 2D project from within a Croquet window on your machine while a user with an older machine works directly in the 2D environment... The cool thing about Croquet is that all of the things you suggest are entirely possible.

For more fun with Croquet, check this out:

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