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Recent Changes to /sbin/hotplug

Recent Changes to /sbin/hotplug

Posted Feb 17, 2005 19:56 UTC (Thu) by gregkh (subscriber, #8)
In reply to: Recent Changes to /sbin/hotplug by jwb
Parent article: Recent Changes to /sbin/hotplug

Would that really matter? I was describing how udev fit into the hotplug picture, not trying to advocate for it one way or another.

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Recent Changes to /sbin/hotplug

Posted Feb 17, 2005 20:28 UTC (Thu) by jwb (guest, #15467) [Link]

It hardly matters now because I added the footnote myself. But you have a history of taking a barely-usable project and presenting it as a fait accompli. I think your sentence "along came udev" is rather disingenuous in light of the fact that you wrote it as well as hotplug-ng.

If you were to write "I released a new project 6 days ago and now, in my own opinion, the entire world of kernel hotplug has been turned on its head" you'd get a rather different article. The reader deserves to know the relationship between the author and the subject matter.

An LWN article about hotplug-ng would normally highlight the relative youth of the project (not even a week) and the functionality of the previous hotplug system which you have chosen to remove; in other words, giving the reader the complete picture of how hotplug-ng will affect his use of Linux. That's why we pay for LWN, after all.

Recent Changes to /sbin/hotplug

Posted Feb 18, 2005 0:45 UTC (Fri) by dang (subscriber, #310) [Link]

Flame off, please.

And Greg, thanks for the nice overview of the genesis, point, and implimentation of this change.

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