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An Early Look at Ubuntu Hoary

An Early Look at Ubuntu Hoary

Posted Jan 30, 2005 6:06 UTC (Sun) by b7j0c (guest, #27559)
Parent article: An Early Look at Ubuntu Hoary

I have been hearing comments floating around that the Ubuntu repositories are not very complete, that users have had to mix in vanilla Debian packages to get certain apps running. Is there truth to this?

Also, not a smarmy comment but I am wondering what motivation there is as a happy FC3 user for me to switch. What aspects of FC3 do users feel are deficient which are fixed by Ubuntu?

I also have some issues with the long-term viability of the project. How does Canonical intend to stay afloat? I know their founder is insanely rich, but he is not insanely stupid. If Canonical is a money pit he will cut observations are that rich-guy ego vanity projects tend to have short lifespans. Watch how fast all of the rich-guy spaceship companies (see firms opened by Bezos, Musk, Carmack) fold in the next couple of years once the money really starts draining with nothing interesting happening. On the other hand, I have no doubts that RedHat will continue to fund and derive utility from is after all their beta test platform.

I don't make these statements as a Fedora booster, I am ready to switch to Ubuntu if someone can tell me why.

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An Early Look at Ubuntu Hoary

Posted Jan 30, 2005 6:25 UTC (Sun) by niran (guest, #27560) [Link]

By default, Ubuntu only enables a repository of software that they will support. The rest of the packages are in the "universe" repository, which is a check box away in Synaptic. I think universe contains everything in sid and then some, but I might be wrong.

As for switching to it from FC3, I don't really see an incentive to. I'm a fan of .deb based distros, so that's what drove me to Ubuntu. For Hoary, it seems like the developers have taken in interest in Mono and Gtk# apps, so it'll be easy to install Beagle, Muine and Tomboy, the latter two of which I can't live without. Other than that, it all seems the same to me with different package management slapped on.

An Early Look at Ubuntu Hoary

Posted Jan 31, 2005 23:15 UTC (Mon) by freeid (guest, #22401) [Link]

I have nothing against Red Hat or Fedora but you should go into using their distribution with your eyes wide open. Ubuntu like Debian is a community distribution. Fedora on the other hand is a distribution to get end-users to participate in free QA for Red Hat Enterprise Linux. The features included and direction of the Fedora project are in direct relation to the interests of Red Hat and the features included in the Red Hat Enterprise Linux software. This is not a community distribution. You are only able to participate as free QA, not as a developer, maintainer, or committee member.

Debian and Ubuntu in this case allows the community to decide the direction and focus of the development of their distribution and is not using a large group of individuals to replace a missing QA department within the Red Hat corporation in Massachusetts.

An Early Look at Ubuntu Hoary

Posted Feb 2, 2005 4:09 UTC (Wed) by (guest, #14112) [Link]

The Ubuntu archive contains all of the packages that Debian's archive does, plus more.

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