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An Early Look at Ubuntu Hoary

An Early Look at Ubuntu Hoary

Posted Jan 27, 2005 13:25 UTC (Thu) by zooko (guest, #2589)
Parent article: An Early Look at Ubuntu Hoary

I don't like this kind of boosterism in my LWN reading.

I like Ubuntu and it is the distribution I am using on my development workstation nowadays. But
when I decide to spend a few minutes reading an article on LWN, I expect to benefit from the
time spent. I want either new information (and not simply the information about which version
numbers of which software are going to be in the next release), or a report about some serious
testing or experiment or analysis, or maybe even an interesting perspective on the situation that
I hadn't thought of before.

This article didn't satisfy any of these criteria.

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An Early Look at Ubuntu Hoary

Posted Jan 27, 2005 14:33 UTC (Thu) by hppnq (guest, #14462) [Link]

Maybe it's just that your criteria are a bit skewed by your personal preferences and experience?

An Early Look at Ubuntu Hoary

Posted Jan 27, 2005 15:06 UTC (Thu) by PhilHannent (guest, #1241) [Link]

I am in agreement with you here.

I think that it would be nice to have some sort of benchmark test that could be run. I am not talking about a benchmark that would test the hardware performance but usability tests such as:

1, If installing packages has got easier (How long it takes 3 different people to install a package - not including download time)
2, Devices detection improved
3, Documentation completeness
4, Number of reboots to achieve a desired setup and if the GUI or command line was required

If all distributions were held to a common test people could quantify a distribution and if something is different between tests a reporter has something to investigate.

On the other hand its a cost overhead that lwn might not be able to bear.

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