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IBM's patent pledge

IBM's patent pledge

Posted Jan 14, 2005 16:42 UTC (Fri) by pm101 (guest, #3011)
Parent article: IBM's patent pledge

In that case, perhaps we could count on IBM to support a European patent directive that explicitly excluded non-commerical use, free software licenses, acadamic use, and so on? It would need to be carefully worded, so that I cannot just abstract my patented code into an LGPL library, and link it into a proprietary program, but to allow commercial entities to sell free software with patents, but I think it could be done. IBM gets patent protection in the proprietary world, while free software continues unimpinged.

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IBM's patent pledge

Posted Jan 14, 2005 21:44 UTC (Fri) by error27 (subscriber, #8346) [Link]

I would definately support that.

Software patents that only hurt^H^H^H^H affected close source software would be great.

To me limitations on what software you can publish infringe on free speech rights and so software patents as currently implemented are unconsitutional. I'd support modifications that exempted free beer and Free speech software publication.

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