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Another useless review by Ladislav

Another useless review by Ladislav

Posted Jan 14, 2005 9:59 UTC (Fri) by ranger (guest, #6415)
Parent article: Mandrakelinux 10.1 on AMD64

Is LWN worth $5/month? As we do not read all the articles, we cannot really answer the question, but the "Distrbutions" articles have given us enough warning signs to put any recommendations on hold. Frankly, it is hard to see how LWN will compete with other Linux sites on the internet, especially with the likes of LinuxQuestions, but also OSNews or, which are free of cost and with articles or posts available for reading immediately after publication (or continuously updated). Additionally, all three of them have better distribution reviews, less opinionated speculation (especially when compared to LinuxQuestions), and more responsible authors and responsive user forums, actively monitored by the distribution reviewers. LWN is not a bad site, but it is marred by lack of polished "Distribution" articles and some unnecessary commercial tricks.

Seriously though, I don't care for distro-bashing, and this is all this article gives us. Having to be a bit more careful with money now, I'm going to have to reduce spending somewhere, either expenses on the distribution I prefer (Mandrakelinux) or supporting LWN. With low quality Mandrake-bashing articles like we've come to expect from Ladislav Bodnar (and then hyping them on as well ...), care to guess which one I'll give up first?

Give one Mandrakelinux release a fair review (ie do something besides concentrating on the update applet), ensure you are accurate (the "Community" trees do actually get updates quite regularly, besides the security updates), and maybe I will reconsider.

But, 7 paragraphs of uninformed rant for 1 paragraph of actual useful information on the amd64 release is not even worth my time. Most of the comments are more worthwhile than the article itself!

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Another useless review by Ladislav

Posted Jan 16, 2005 0:43 UTC (Sun) by ladislav (guest, #247) [Link]

As an important contributor (employee?) of MandrakeSoft, perhaps you should spend more time making sure that the bugs mentioned in the article are gone by the time 10.2 is released, rather than wasting time bashing those who point out the problems with your favourite distribution. Or do you believe that the bugs are not there and that I just made them all up?

Contrary to your belief, I am not trying to harm any distribution. All I do is point out the problems which the developers might not be aware of so that they can fix them and produce a better product next time. It's up to you if you want to fix the bugs or if you simply discard them as invalid.

Another useless review by Ladislav

Posted Jan 17, 2005 0:43 UTC (Mon) by theonlybiker1 (guest, #27308) [Link]

I hate to agree with the review.. and in turn disagreeing with you but..
I don't have an update module that works (10.1), and 10.1 is way more buggy than 10.0 was.
Before you flame me, I've been a loyal Mandrake user since 7.X days. OK?
I'm going to reformat this HD and go back to 10.0.
I can't keep it this way since it's my main 'puter and need it to maintain my sanity!!
thanks for listening.

oh, hardware:
Asus a8xxx board, AMD 2200XP chip, 768MB PC2700. 21" Dell CRT.


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