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Official patch repository?

Official patch repository?

Posted Jan 13, 2005 9:35 UTC (Thu) by planet12 (guest, #4199)
Parent article: Linux kernel security

What I'd really like to see is an area on for "official" versions of security patches for stable kernels (ie. the latest of 2.4/2.6 at present).

It's all very nice having someone say "It's in changeset foo in BK tree bar", or "it's in 2.4.33-rc3", but that's awfully fiddly if *all* you want is the security patch for the current stable kernel you're running. I don't know about anyone else, but I'm not in the habit of running -rc versions on production machines.

It's one of those things where a relatively small amount of work for the person merging the patch can save every distributor, big or small, quite a bit of work having to figure it out and backport it.

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Official patch repository?

Posted Jan 14, 2005 13:15 UTC (Fri) by kreutzm (guest, #4700) [Link]

I second that. I usually try to get the patches from the advisories, or, e.g., from RedHat RPMS, because then they are self-contained.

Especially if you add other patches (most notably grsec) upgrading is always quite a bit of work. The best way would be to get the patches, slamm them in, adjust if they conflict with previous patches, and rebuild.

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