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The following is a list of files and features that are going to be
removed in the kernel source tree.  Every entry should contain what
exactly is going away, why it is happening, and who is going to be doing
the work.  When the feature is removed from the kernel, it should also
be removed from this file.


What:	devfs
When:	July 2005
Files:	fs/devfs/*, include/linux/devfs_fs*.h and assorted devfs
	function calls throughout the kernel tree
Why:	It has been unmaintained for a number of years, has unfixable
	races, contains a naming policy within the kernel that is
	against the LSB, and can be replaced by using udev.
Who:	Greg Kroah-Hartman <>


What:	/proc/sys/cpu/*, sysctl and /proc/cpufreq interfaces to cpufreq (2.4.x
When:	January 2005
Files:	drivers/cpufreq/: cpufreq_userspace.c, proc_intf.c
Why:	/proc/sys/cpu/* has been deprecated since inclusion of cpufreq into
	the main kernel tree. It bloats /proc/ unnecessarily and doesn't work
	well with the "governor"-based design of cpufreq.
	/proc/cpufreq/* has also been deprecated for a long time and was only
	meant for usage during 2.5. until the new sysfs-based interface became
	ready. It has an inconsistent interface which doesn't work well with
	userspace setting the frequency. The output from /proc/cpufreq/* can
	be emulated using "cpufreq-info --proc" (cpufrequtils).
	Both interfaces are superseded by the cpufreq interface in
Who:	Dominik Brodowski <>

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