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Let the developer decide

Let the developer decide

Posted Dec 17, 2004 19:58 UTC (Fri) by Richard_J_Neill (subscriber, #23093)
Parent article: Porting free software to Windows

I believe in Free Software, and I had sufficient exposure to "WormOS98" to detest it for ever. But, the reason OSS is so good is because (the best) developers prefer to write for it. Being Free is a necessary condition for this, but ultimately, the way to "win" is to let the best developers "scratch their own itch". I'm with Linus here - we shouldn't set out to destroy MS - that will just be "a completely unintentional side-effect".
So go forth and code!

[Incidentally, my family has almost exclusively moved to Linux, because I'm willing to support it. That said, I do far less Linux support than I ever had to do Windows support.]

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