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Sysfs vs Procfs

Sysfs vs Procfs

Posted Dec 16, 2004 13:15 UTC (Thu) by alex (subscriber, #1355)
In reply to: Debugfs by ekj
Parent article: Debugfs

IIRC it was because /proc was meant to be to store process information but then turned into a maze of twisty directories with all sorts of random data dumped into it - including device information.

Sysfs on the other hand is designed to be a representation of the kernel device model. For that reason stuff isn't just dumped in, the position of nodes with sysfs actually represents the hierachy of devices in relation to their subsytems.

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Sysfs vs Procfs

Posted Dec 17, 2004 10:21 UTC (Fri) by xav (subscriber, #18536) [Link]

Yes, the big difference is that sysfs can be parsed automatically, whereas procfs needs ad-hoc tools for each of its components.

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