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Free means to annotate (comment) a PDF?

Free means to annotate (comment) a PDF?

Posted Dec 2, 2004 19:02 UTC (Thu) by d.e.cox (guest, #3912)
Parent article: The Grumpy Editor's Guide to PDF Viewers

I haven't found a free means to annotate (add little yellow comment boxes) to PDFs. I've used this feature of Adobe's products quite a bit, and it looks to be one of the major improvements in acrobat 7. Anyone know if this kind of capability is in the pipeline of the free readers xpdf, ggv, etc?

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Free means to annotate (comment) a PDF?

Posted Nov 19, 2005 13:37 UTC (Sat) by chm (guest, #33959) [Link]

There's an open source java program "jarnal", which primarily serves as a scratch book device for "tablet" computers. However, it allows you to put a pdf-file in the background, add some "sticky notes" via traditional keyboard and save the whole thing back in different formats:
This might provide some of the functionality that you're looking for. However, it's been quite a while since you've posted. If you've already found something better, please let us know. Besides, the annotation feature for pdf seems quite important to convince people getting rid of inappropriate formats (like the .doc-thing) in collaborative writing efforts. Linux pdf application developers should seriously consider the "sticky note" feature.

You can do it with Foxit or A.nnotate

Posted Jun 5, 2008 21:47 UTC (Thu) by edinburcc (guest, #52418) [Link]

For a downloadable program, there is Foxit Reader or you can do it via the browser at where you just upload the file and start adding comments. Both have free and commercial versions, but I'm not sure of the details.

Free means to annotate (comment) a PDF?

Posted Jul 8, 2008 8:27 UTC (Tue) by okeydoke (guest, #46751) [Link]

Plenty of tools nowadays:

Okular in kde4 does a good job, although the annotations don't show up in other pdf readers unless you print it to a pdf.

xournal Lets you be VERY creative in how you annotate - you can do freehand drawings, etc. on it. Perfect for tablet PCs.

There is also Jarnal, Gournal, and NoteLab but I haven't tried them.

Openoffice will have Sun PDF Import extension (SPI).

You can also use PDFXchange through wine.

PDFedit, is for advanced users, and is said to be "the most reliable PDF editor for the GNU/Linux desktop."

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