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Installer? No, thanks!

Installer? No, thanks!

Posted Dec 2, 2004 16:24 UTC (Thu) by debacle (subscriber, #7114)
In reply to: Installer by zonker
Parent article: A look at Xfce 4.2

I'm a XFCE user for some years now and like it very much. But I don't know what the installer is good for. All GNU/Linux distributions have some kind of package management. On my distro of choice, I type apt-get install xfce4, on other distros it's similar. Installers are a bad thing from the evil planet Windows. Installers destroy sane dependency handling and the consistency of your OS. Just say no.

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Installer? No, thanks!

Posted Dec 2, 2004 19:03 UTC (Thu) by coolian (guest, #14818) [Link]

What about when your distro doesn't package it, or there is some other
unforseen occurence? Just say "yes" to flexibility.

Installer? No, thanks!

Posted Dec 6, 2004 16:56 UTC (Mon) by ballombe (subscriber, #9523) [Link]

Switch to a distro that offers more flexibility?

Installer? No, thanks!

Posted Dec 2, 2004 19:46 UTC (Thu) by Fats (subscriber, #14882) [Link]

Because Windows installers can't do sane dependencies it doesn't mean it has to be a feature of all installers. I don't see why we can't have an installer that retreives debs for perfect integration on a debian machine, rpm for red hat and others, a LSB one if the system is compliant and finally compile from source on other systems.

Installer? No, thanks!

Posted Dec 3, 2004 7:10 UTC (Fri) by tzafrir (subscriber, #11501) [Link]

Here's an installer for you:

cat "deb http://mysite/ a b" >> /etc/apt/sources.list

And then let the user's package management tool (apt-get, aptitude, synaptic, whatever) handle the rest.

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