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Xen is coming

Xen is coming

Posted Nov 26, 2004 10:52 UTC (Fri) by mab (subscriber, #314)
In reply to: Xen is coming by alspnost
Parent article: Xen is coming

I'm wondering the same, if you are right it seems like we will be giving Vmware and Microsofts Virtual PC a run for their money on systems that only run Linux. I like it I hope it goes in

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Xen is coming

Posted Nov 27, 2004 14:25 UTC (Sat) by Lorenzo (guest, #260) [Link]

Linux on Linux is not interesting to me at all.
Windows on Linux is interesting.

The various Wine configurations or specialized Win9x on Linux virtualizations just don't cut it for me. I need a full x86, and soon I presume x86-64, virtualization so that I can run Win2K and [gakkk] WinXP on Linux.

Don't tell me to get VMWare. Too flippin' expensive.

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