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InfiniBand arrives (with Microsoft patents?)

InfiniBand arrives (with Microsoft patents?)

Posted Nov 24, 2004 17:22 UTC (Wed) by danielpf (subscriber, #4723)
Parent article: InfiniBand arrives

In older versions of the drivers one could find this text.
It would be nice if this question about SDP
was cleared out.

> OPENIB.ORG SDP SOURCE (2004-03-17 drop)
> ---------- --- ------
> This package contains SDP sources that may contain Microsoft
> intellectual property. See below for more details.

> --- ------------ --------
> Microsoft believes that they own certain intellectual property
> relating to the Sockets Direct Protocol (SDP)[1]. Therefore, we are
> including the following disclaimer required by Microsoft's license
> in SDP source that relates to the implementation of the protocol:
> "This source code may incorporate intellectual property owned by
> Microsoft Corporation. Our provision of this source code does not
> include any licenses or any other rights to you under any
> Microsoft intellectual property. If you would like a license from
> Microsoft (e.g., to rebrand, redistribute), you need to contact
> Microsoft directly."

> We realize that this is incompatible with open source licensing, and
> we are working to find a more satisfactory solution, but for the
> time being we are forced to comply with Microsoft's license.

> Please make sure you have fully understood the implications of
> Microsoft's claims before you redistribute any of the SDP source
> that contains the above disclaimer.

> [1] <>>

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InfiniBand arrives (with Microsoft patents?)

Posted Dec 2, 2004 16:14 UTC (Thu) by roland_dreier (guest, #26403) [Link]

The patches being proposed for inclusion do not include anything related to SDP. Until the SDP/Microsoft patent situation is resolved, it will not be possible to merge SDP into the kernel.

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