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Stopping unwanted OOM killer experiences

Stopping unwanted OOM killer experiences

Posted Nov 19, 2004 21:18 UTC (Fri) by giraffedata (subscriber, #1954)
In reply to: Stopping unwanted OOM killer experiences by rwmj
Parent article: Stopping unwanted OOM killer experiences

I sure hate to see people working on tuning the OOM killer, as if it's a normal part of memory management. The OOM killer is just a less drastic form of panic. When it runs, the system is broken. There are even cases where a panic would be better.

I understand that it's very difficult to get memory management right, and as a band-aid, the OOM killer can be better than a reboot in the same way that an oops is often more convenient than a full panic.

The OOM killer should never run when there are pageouts in progress. I don't care how slow they are. If the pageout device is broken and the pageout is actually indefinite, that should be handled like any pageout I/O error. If things are just slow, a user space process that monitors performance and kills some processes to speed up others would be appropriate. The kernel should kill processes only when it is backed into a kernel-level corner, like where it doesn't have enough swap space to back the virtual memory it has created and is thus deadlocked. And users ought at least to have the option of allocating resources so the kernel doesn't get deadlocked.

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