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2004 Linux Timeline: July

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Use of the term "free software" is in long-term decline, and older or obsolete pages form a larger part of its share than for "open source".

-- Eric Raymond

The Debian Project votes to suspend its social contract changes until after the sarge release (results).

Fedora kernels include module signature verification capability (coverage).

The Fedora Core 3 plan is posted; the community is not consulted first (plan).

[Conectiva] Conectiva Linux 10 is released (announcement).

Slony 1.0.0 is released bringing database replication to the PostgreSQL world (announcement).

In what could be an unprecedented move, the Dutch Parliament last week asked to change the 'yes' vote that it cast at the May meeting to support making software patentable throughout the European Union. Motions have been introduced in parliaments in other countries, including Germany, to consider a change in their own votes.

-- International Herald Tribune; the tide starts to shift.

Mandrakesoft acquires Edge-IT, a Linux support provider (announcement).

StorageTek files a DMCA suit claiming copyright protection on diagnostic streams from its hardware (coverage).

SCO refiles its suit against Novell with slightly enhanced pleading.

Linux audio users complain about 2.6 kernel latency issues, leading to a concerted effort to eliminate latency problems (complaint).

Red Hat is forced to restate its results after its accounting for subscription income is questioned; the changes are minor. [Specifix]

Specifix, Inc. announces its existence; the company is made up of a number of ex-Red Hat folks (announcement).

PHP 5.0 is released 2.4 we deleted 22,000 lines and added 600,000 lines. And in 2.6 we deleted 600,000 lines and added 900,000 lines. In the first six months. That's 1.5 million lines changed in a 6.2 million-line tree, a 64 MB diff in the first six months of the stable kernel. We changed a quarter of it!

-- Andrew Morton at OLS

The 2004 Kernel Summit is held; the famous decision to not start a 2.7 branch is made (coverage).

SCO's suit against DaimlerChrysler is demolished in court, with all but one issue (timeliness of response) thrown out by the judge.

Microsoft and Lindows settle their trademark case; Lindows drops the name and pockets $20 million from Microsoft (press release).

The Free Software Foundation Europe joins the EU-Microsoft case in an attempt to force Microsoft to document its protocols (announcement).

The draft Linux Standard Base 2.0 spec runs into resistance as a result of the C++ standard choices made (coverage).

Gentoo 2004.2 is released (announcement).

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