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What's New in FreeBSD 5.3

What's New in FreeBSD 5.3

Posted Oct 29, 2004 18:23 UTC (Fri) by pimlott (guest, #1535)
In reply to: What's New in FreeBSD 5.3 by elanthis
Parent article: What's New in FreeBSD 5.3

Keep in mind that people said this about Linux for a long time (probably since 97). It turned out there was a lot of work to do before anyone could just slap on some icing and have a usable end-user system. Think of all the infrastructure that's been developed for Debian, which made creating Ubuntu and Linspire so much easier. Contrast the meager success of Corel's old Debian derivative. Of course, application availability has a lot to do with it, but I suspect that FreeBSD needs a lot more groundwork before people can start giving it a beginner-friendly face.

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