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Approaches to realtime Linux

Approaches to realtime Linux

Posted Oct 14, 2004 22:57 UTC (Thu) by brianomahoney (guest, #6206)
Parent article: Approaches to realtime Linux

Once again the main point on HARD REAL-TIME is being completely missed;
the reality of the situation is that there is a lot of FUD/ingorance
here, and very little understanding of balanced Hard/soft system approaches.

Three cases arise, there is a VITAL HARD-REAL-TIME crisis time; use hardware,
maybe a $2 dedicated MPU, which may spend 99.99% idle but you can prove it
will meet the need

Then there is the we really need to service this event within nnn u-seconds
but if it takes that + 50% the sky wont fall or we need to do 8000 of these
per second; here latency improvement helps and if it dosnt introduce serious bugs. This is all good stuff.

It is a nice to have and of value dealing with PHBs, see above.

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