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Red Hat Releases RHEL 4 Public Beta

Red Hat Releases RHEL 4 Public Beta

Posted Oct 7, 2004 17:29 UTC (Thu) by marcw (guest, #25271)
In reply to: Red Hat Releases RHEL 4 Public Beta by tzafrir
Parent article: Red Hat Releases RHEL 4 Public Beta

1. X

X configuration does not require a working X config as before.
The X config I got after the install did not work. A text initiated
installer came up after boot indicating that X could not be started.
Asked me some minimal questions about my hardware and figured
out how to launch a scaled down X session to complete the
configuration. I have a dual headed workstation (2 different
cards and 2 different monitors) which was nicely accomodated
by the setup code. I had lots of trouble getting this working
on older versions of X.

2. CVS vs. Subversion:

Subversion 1.0 does not use existing filesystem permissions. There
is some support for it in 1.1 which is in beta. To get the full
functionality of subversion you must integrate it with Apache-WebDAV.

The CVS client included in RHEL 4beta1.

3. uw-imap vs. cyrus:

Don't know why they did this. Guess you'll have to build your
own imapd.

4. LVM2

LVM2 can read LVM1 volumes. LVM1 volumes can be converted to LVM2
volumes. I had LVM1 volumes on my old system. I migrated these
to an external disk, did a root based lvm install of 4beta1,
converted my old volumes to LVM2 and merged (the extent size must
match between the volume groups being merged) the old volume group
with the new one that was created on install. Everything worked great
except that pvmove didn't work. There was a module that needed to
be loaded that wasn't. I reported it as a bug and a developer
responded that this module will be added to the mkinitrd process
in future releases.

I did a fresh install on my internal disk with my external disk
disabled. Don't know what would have happened if the installer
could have seen my LVM1 volumes.

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