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-mm and reiser4

-mm and reiser4

Posted Oct 7, 2004 13:36 UTC (Thu) by Duncan (guest, #6647)
Parent article: The -mm development tree

What's happening with reiser4, since the couple weeks of LWN coverage a
few weeks ago? Based on that, I decided to hold off in converting my
presently reiserfs system to reiser4, but I'd expect (and the "many fixes"
comment seems to support) progress is being made.

The main thing I'm interested in, given a recognition that there /are/
after all other things to cover as well <g>, is what timeframe we are
looking at for mainline kernel inclusion, next month, 1Q2005, 2H2005,

Well, that, and if progress /is/ being made on the possible race and
security issues as previously covered. Based on that coverage, I decided
it wasn't something I wanted to try immediately. However, I still might
be interested in trying it before mainline introduction, once the large
part of those issues are addressed and the patches get into mm or the


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-mm and reiser4

Posted Oct 7, 2004 20:35 UTC (Thu) by dlang (subscriber, #313) [Link]

unfortunantly projects really don't get scheduled for inclusion, they work along with various bugfixes and changes until they are acceptable and then they get in. you can get a minimum timeframe (no chance in less then 6 months type of thing) but nothing more definate then that.

Reiser4 is adding a LOT of new things and even if the code had no problems that needed to be worked on other then that the inclusion date would still be very questionable. In this case it is very possible that a lot of work will need to be done outside of reiser4 before it gets included (look at XFS for example, it was available for years before it was included, it worked well during most of that time, but it affected lots of things so it wasn't included until those external things were modified to the point that XFS didn't need to modify them)

personally I would not plan on useing reiser4 for anything I really cared about for at least a year, probably more. even after it gets included it will need to develop a track record to show that it really is safe to use on production boxes

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