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SLES 9 and clustering

SLES 9 and clustering

Posted Oct 4, 2004 0:01 UTC (Mon) by Don_Alfredo (guest, #25182)
In reply to: SLES 9 and clustering by marduk
Parent article: SUSE LINUX Enterprise Server 9

clustering is supported out-of-the-box , no additional fees;

BTW : note to the author: thanks for the screenshot : i've just installed
7 SLES9 servers but hey... they're servers, i still have to see the first
X-stuff on any of my servers so-far, so now i know what it might look
like ;-)

personal notes on installing :
Professional : i base my choise of OS on the hardware vendors
certification matrices - i never install an OS that isn't supported by
the hardware vendor when i have to warrant a 99,998 uptime on yearly
base. If SLES9 is not supported, or you have no inside info that it will
be soon - check,check,check... e.g. HP DL320 with IDE Raid vs HP DL320
with SCSI Raid

Points still to improve on SLES9 :
- documentation doesn't keep up with latest packages (e.g. there is a lot
of "white space" where it comes to bonding nic's)
- where to get support ? Novell / SuSE ? try it out... you will find your
best answers by Googling, or hardware vendors forums
- Their websites and administrative people (sales) are not yet lined-up,
but i'm confident they will in near future (same goes for support)
- short : it is enterprise-ready, proven (look at Oracle/IBM benchmarks),
but not yet widely spread, which is normal imho, who upgrades its
(stable) servers OS every year, beside M$ believers ?

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