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generic irq subsystem, description

From:  Ingo Molnar <>
Subject:  [patch 0/5, 2.6.9-rc3] generic irq subsystem, description
Date:  Fri, 1 Oct 2004 22:45:33 +0200
Cc:  Christoph Hellwig <>, Andrew Morton <>

this is a new release of the generic irq handling subsystem, against
2.6.9-rc3. This snapshot includes new ppc and ppc64 support written and
tested by Christoph Hellwig.

the core bits were reworked quite significantly. Changes:

 - split up kernel/hardirq.c into individual files in kernel/irq/

 - 80-90% of each converted architecture's irq.c file is now eliminated
   by this patch. The most dramatic one is x64's irq.c - a mere 108
   lines remained. The total effect on the 4 architectures covered so
   far: more than 3000 lines of irq.c code removed while kernel/irq/*.c
   remains around 1000 lines of code.

 - more irq.h, interrupt.h, asm/hardirq.h and linux/hardirq.h
   consolidation from Christoph and me.

 - thorough cleanup of the generic irq code.

 - compile-testing of the following architectures: x86, x64, ppc64, ppc, 
   ia64, s390, s390x. The first four were boot-tested as well.

there are 5 patches that will follow in the next 5 mails:


note that it is still a goal of the patchset to not break the building
of any non-CONFIG_GENERIC_HARDIRQS platform - 3 such platforms were

comments welcome,

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