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A limit on overcommit?

A limit on overcommit?

Posted Oct 1, 2004 0:44 UTC (Fri) by ilmari (guest, #14175)
In reply to: A limit on overcommit? by aashenfe
Parent article: Respite from the OOM killer

It is tunable, almost exactly as you suggest. Quoting Documentation/vm/overcommit-accounting:

	[S]trict overcommit. The total address space commit
	for the system is not permitted to exceed swap + a
	 configurable percentage (default is 50) of physical RAM.
	Depending on the percentage you use, in most situations
	this means a process will not be killed while accessing
	pages but will receive errors on memory allocation as

    The overcommit policy is set via the sysctl `vm.overcommit_memory'.

    The overcommit percentage is set via `vm.overcommit_ratio'.

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