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The State of Linux Gaming

The State of Linux Gaming

Posted Sep 24, 2004 17:57 UTC (Fri) by oak (guest, #2786)
In reply to: The State of Linux Gaming by mmarsh
Parent article: The State of Linux Gaming

Oh, but Duke Nukem works on Linux!

Just get the latest stable version of DosEmu + FreeDos
( and install DOS Duke Nukem. If you don't mind
game being slow, you might also try DosBox ( which
has better sound support but as it emulates the CPU it's much slower.

I've bought several great budget DOS game titles because of this: GTA 1,
Worms 1, Screamer Rally... (disclaimer: I know both DOS and Linux and
installing things is not a problem for me. Those who want it easiest, can
try DosBox.)

Btw. I've also transferred several great old games from my old Atari ST
(in the closet :-)) to Linux and am using them with the Hatari emulator
( Note that you need an original Atari for the TOS
image because the GPL version of TOS ( is not
compatible with most of Atari games (and definately not with any of the
old-skool demos).

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The State of Linux Gaming

Posted Oct 4, 2004 12:19 UTC (Mon) by oever (subscriber, #987) [Link]

Or you could download 'Duke Nukem for Linux' (original game required).

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