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Presenting LaTeX with acroread

Presenting LaTeX with acroread

Posted Sep 16, 2004 19:42 UTC (Thu) by oak (guest, #2786)
In reply to: Presenting LaTeX with acroread by tzafrir
Parent article: The Grumpy Editor's guide to presentation programs

My favorite way to do simple presentations with "LaTex" is to set paper
size to something very small in LyX ( and then create
the presentation with it (using Xdvi to preview it). Then when I want to
present it, I export it as PDF (or PS) and show it with Acroread (or Xpdf)
in fullscreen mode.

Miniscule page size, scaled to fullscreen -> presto, presentation with
suitable sized fonts. No need for any special presentation style. :-)

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Compile LaTeX with pslatex, present with xpdf

Posted Sep 21, 2004 6:25 UTC (Tue) by komarek (guest, #7295) [Link]

Nice trick with the page size. Another "trick" is to use "pslatex" (comes with TeTeX on most GNU/Linux distros). It uses scalable fonts instead of bitmapped fonts. These fonts seem slightly "tighter", and will save you one column on an 8-page conference paper (can be very useful sometimes!). Also, the .ps file from dvips comes out much smaller. Conversion to pdf with ps2pdf works fine.

I learned all this when Adobe called the feds in on Sklyarov. I still avoid acroread because of that.

-Paul Komarek

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