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The Athene Operating System

The Athene Operating System

Posted Sep 16, 2004 11:54 UTC (Thu) by evgeny (guest, #774)
Parent article: The Athene Operating System

> integration of the SNAP Graphics technology (in place of XFree86 or


> advantages of SNAP over XFree86 or

are really confusing, IMHO. From these passages one may conclude (I did at first) they're not using X at all, which is wrong - provided mentions of multiple KDE/Gnome/etc apps. XFree86 (or, I don't know) is certainly there, _including_ the X server. It's only the drivers that are theirs, so from the point of view of an end-user, this distribution is in no way different than any other (necessarily commercial) distro shipped with e.g. NVidia drivers included. Technically speaking, the difference is a bit larger, since the SNAP system is not just a collection of alternative drivers, but (from what I can infer from their white paper) a kind of DRI implemented entirely in the user space.

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The Athene Operating System

Posted Sep 16, 2004 15:15 UTC (Thu) by jmalcolm (guest, #8876) [Link]

I agree, this was a litte confusing. The Athene Desktop is available as a download for both Linux and Windows. Athene is X compatible on Linux. Does the Athene Desktop provide X compatibility on Windows?

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