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Do we really want to repeat UNIX history THIS MUCH ?

Do we really want to repeat UNIX history THIS MUCH ?

Posted Sep 16, 2004 11:39 UTC (Thu) by khim (subscriber, #9252)
Parent article: The Athene Operating System

This is very serious trend lately: a lot of distributions with bunch of proprietary stuff at core. First Xandros, now Athene and so on. This is first stap on "UNIX way". Rememeber ? Only SunOS can... AIX is the only... IRIX is the one... Remember what the end result was ? Comfused customers stuck with Windows...

Do we really need to repeat this ?

P.S. Now you can understood why I really hope they will not succeed. SuSE (now - after YaST is GPLed) if barely on the side of good... But this... Plain and simple: Athene, Xandros and so success is bad for free software.

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Do we really want to repeat UNIX history THIS MUCH ?

Posted Sep 16, 2004 18:35 UTC (Thu) by alan (subscriber, #4018) [Link]

Thanks, but you're forgetting about another kind of freedom. That is my freedom not to be stuck with X11 if I don't want it. This is just a graphical environment that can really be put on any linux distribution you so choose. Or if you don't have a distribution of choice yet (i.e. new users) they have their packaged distribution using their graphical environment as well. If they didn't have a distribution of their own, they'd have to concentrate on being compatible with all the major ones.

SunOS, AIX, IRIX, those were entirely different operating systems. Athene _is_ linux, only the graphical environment varies. I should think you would be comparing their environment to KDE or GNOME on X11. As for being targeted at more technical users,.. most novices probably are content with X11 and aren't usually looking to change. I'm guessing that this is for those whose needs are not adequately met by traditional X11 environments.

Personally I'm just ticked that the mobile radeon chip in my laptop doesnt dualhead well with a second monitor under X11. I'm using the MergeFB mode in the cvs Xfree radeon driver currently and it kinda blows. It creates a virtual frame on my smaller laptop panel to match the resolution on my larger external flat panel. I want native resolutions on both, hopefully SciTech graphics can handle this.

Real transparencies would be nice too, its about time.

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