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Trying to fit an hierarchical database inside the kernel?

Trying to fit an hierarchical database inside the kernel?

Posted Sep 9, 2004 14:14 UTC (Thu) by leandro (guest, #1460)
Parent article: More notes on reiser4

Looks like ReiserFS is getting too complicated and running into issues trying to extend POSIX functionality without breaking neither POSIX compatibility nor kernel internals.

I propose all this is due to it actually amounting to trying to fit a hierarchical database management system inside the kernel.

Now the reason why hierarchical databases lost to SQL is that SQL, even if not being really relational, by implementing some of the relational ideas was much simpler.

So the US$1M question is, at this point wouldn’t designing all data structures around the relational model make more sense? Or at least all data storage.

Obviously this doesn’t amount to ‘Oracle in the kernel’, because SQL is much more complex than a relational implementation would be.

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