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Looking at reiser4

Looking at reiser4

Posted Sep 2, 2004 16:11 UTC (Thu) by leandro (guest, #1460)
Parent article: Looking at reiser4

Anyone besides me thinking that if we want richer filesystems we should go for a fully relational database as a data storage engine in the kernel, something like a lower-level Gnome Storage but D compliant? Perhaps we’d need a microkernel, but so what.

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Looking at reiser4

Posted Sep 18, 2004 22:43 UTC (Sat) by walters (subscriber, #7396) [Link]

Why does it need to be in the kernel? And what in the world is "D compliant"?

Looking at reiser4

Posted Mar 20, 2005 19:27 UTC (Sun) by leandro (guest, #1460) [Link]

> Why does it need to be in the kernel?

It depends on what's one trying to accomplish. My own view is that we should use something like the Hurd, a multi-server microkernel, and then we could have only basic relational technology in the kernel so that we could have a consistent, relational view of data everywhere; and then features for database applications and the like could be userland. But for now we're stuck with monolithic kernels.

> what in the world is "D compliant"

Like in Date and Darwen's Tutorial D, D being the definition of a relational data access language.

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