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SCO Group security alerts

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CSSA-2003-025.0 wget2003-10-03
CSSA-2003-026.0 stunnel2003-10-03
CSSA-2003-027.0 openssh2003-10-02
CSSA-2003-024.0 wu-ftpd2003-09-26
CSSA-2003-022.0 docview2003-08-25
CSSA-2003-021.0 mgetty2003-05-13
CSSA-2003-020.0 kernel2003-05-09
CSSA-2003-019.0 tcp2003-05-05
CSSA-2003-018.0 file2003-04-28
CSSA-2003-016.0 sendmail2003-04-03
CSSA-2003-015.0 apcupsd2003-03-25
CSSA-2003-014.0 openssl2003-03-21
CSSA-2003-013.0 XDR/RPC2003-03-19
CSSA-2003-012.0 KDE2003-03-14
CSSA-2003-010.0 sendmail2003-03-10
CSSA-2003-011.0 zlib2003-03-10
CSSA-2003-009.0 slocate2003-03-06
CSSA-2003-008.0 php2003-03-04
CSSA-2003-006.0 CVS2003-01-31
CSSA-2003-005.0 canna2003-01-21

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