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Oracle alert ELSA-2013-0214 (nss and nspr)

From:  Errata Announcements for Oracle Linux <>
Subject:  [El-errata] ELSA-2013-0214 Important: Oracle Linux 5 nss and nspr security, bug fix, and enhancement update
Date:  Fri, 01 Feb 2013 05:00:55 -0800
Message-ID:  <>
Archive-link:  Article, Thread

Oracle Linux Security Advisory ELSA-2013-0214 The following updated rpms for Oracle Linux 5 have been uploaded to the Unbreakable Linux Network: i386: nspr-4.9.2-2.el5_9.i386.rpm nspr-devel-4.9.2-2.el5_9.i386.rpm nss-3.13.6-3.el5_9.i386.rpm nss-devel-3.13.6-3.el5_9.i386.rpm nss-pkcs11-devel-3.13.6-3.el5_9.i386.rpm nss-tools-3.13.6-3.el5_9.i386.rpm x86_64: nspr-4.9.2-2.el5_9.i386.rpm nspr-4.9.2-2.el5_9.x86_64.rpm nspr-devel-4.9.2-2.el5_9.i386.rpm nspr-devel-4.9.2-2.el5_9.x86_64.rpm nss-3.13.6-3.el5_9.i386.rpm nss-3.13.6-3.el5_9.x86_64.rpm nss-devel-3.13.6-3.el5_9.i386.rpm nss-devel-3.13.6-3.el5_9.x86_64.rpm nss-pkcs11-devel-3.13.6-3.el5_9.i386.rpm nss-pkcs11-devel-3.13.6-3.el5_9.x86_64.rpm nss-tools-3.13.6-3.el5_9.x86_64.rpm ia64: nspr-4.9.2-2.el5_9.i386.rpm nspr-4.9.2-2.el5_9.ia64.rpm nspr-devel-4.9.2-2.el5_9.ia64.rpm nss-3.13.6-3.el5_9.i386.rpm nss-3.13.6-3.el5_9.ia64.rpm nss-devel-3.13.6-3.el5_9.ia64.rpm nss-pkcs11-devel-3.13.6-3.el5_9.ia64.rpm nss-tools-3.13.6-3.el5_9.ia64.rpm SRPMS: Description of changes: nspr [4.9.2-2] - NVR bump [4.9.2-1] - Resolves: rhbz#893372- [RFE] Rebase nspr to 4.9.2 due to Firefox 17 ESR nss [3.13.6-3] - Fix changelog inconsistencies with commit and bug resolved - Resolves: rhbz#891149 [CVE-2013-0743] [3.13.6-2] - [CVE-2013-0743] - Resolves: rhbz#891149 - Dis-trust TURKTRUST mis-issued * certificate [3.13.6-1] - Update to NSS_3_13_6_RTM - Resolves: rhbz#893371 - [RFE] [RHEL5] Rebase to NSS >= 3.13.6 _______________________________________________ El-errata mailing list

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