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Foresight alert FLEA-2008-0006-1 (tetex)

From:  Foresight Linux Essential Announcement Service <>
Subject:  FLEA-2008-0006-1 tetex tetex-dvips tetex-fonts
Date:  Mon, 11 Feb 2008 23:56:53 -0900
Message-ID:  <>

-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Hash: SHA1 Foresight Linux Essential Advisory: 2008-0006-1 Published: 2008-02-11 Rating: Minor Updated Versions: tetex=/ tetex-dvips=/ tetex-fonts=/ group-dist=/ References: Description: Previous versions of the tetex package are vulnerable to multiple issues, the worst of which is believed to allow arbitrary code execution via user-assisted vectors when dvips or dviljk are run of specially-crafted files, or when loading malformed font data using t1lib. - --- Copyright 2008 Foresight Linux Project This file is distributed under the terms of the MIT License. A copy is available at -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- Version: GnuPG v2.0.8 (GNU/Linux) iQIcBAEBAgAGBQJHsV9PAAoJENfwEn07iAtZaNEP/idwWWS0EW4imxnW6kRj0Dcd ihqHIYPBVdghJdyexfC2lP3dfz+ziToL2m8sSjmwzNexDGD6M3CbCB1LdT9rUDdb hckY5yihRq6FfrjURUKn7WxmbSCggEHU8+dHG8lE+U12APk7XO+MsT/KYnZkdJgG l6cUECXPC8cGbsdZ5EzmQ5PIUpr+HJfMBUzYGzOwVZMpOnsxHOkxztEjOzo3utyt ard9palh4g8Li+je9geqc+6f06vk0ElaLXqgx1IinduqAf4fWBbfzQLopJXSvVNo h9xZIdH3t6KLjt2p3OS50IuJnKfImgACpaWVajEg06MGTrbsLz1sopU6G7QpJ6+9 ZmnLe/HPx5KdLP0niQmrVPrVimXU/fh5VhWLE1/U9j4FmhmCS5d9bESHSmWWXA8w FC48wKsO4fcoC8oL7UpFRONyj6sN8KfBC7GvG39Am2vZwCGewOeY3HJoQLYQfLpR XA1VkqDMR4PuYqexpsVY1FQpaS0jRIcSE+hPmzS3/DNt0ELJfyrTxeHW/AvN2xhY qRWXE+wsH0WYQGY29QaV9spseAxtEHVcA8FIW+W99y5Op6+c3ZDuVTCCkUUvHizt bdB0tDLe5KieweePJAmOwU6jI7t0qszPuMvus8Jh65u3hv50QtnKiOUA+c9XiAVq xqSHbBU+v9rq4+WMOzUS =HmPT -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----

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