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Foresight alert FLEA-2007-0063-1 (perl)

From:  Foresight Linux Essential Announcement Service <>
Subject:  FLEA-2007-0063-1 perl
Date:  Fri, 09 Nov 2007 21:04:26 -0900
Message-ID:  <>

-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Hash: SHA1 Foresight Linux Essential Advisory: 2007-0063-1 Published: 2007-11-09 Rating: Minor Updated Versions: perl=/ group-dist=/ References: Description: Previous versions of the perl package contain weaknesses when evaluating regular expressions. If a system is serving a perl-based web application that evaluates remote input as a regular expression, an attacker may be be able to exploit these weaknesses to execute arbitrary, attacker-provided code on the system, potentially elevating this to a remote, deterministic unauthorized access vulnerability. Foresight Linux does not, by default, enable or contain any such services. - --- Copyright 2007 Foresight Linux Project This file is distributed under the terms of the MIT License. A copy is available at -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- Version: GnuPG v2.0.7 (GNU/Linux) iQIVAwUBRzVJ3tfwEn07iAtZAQLGlQ//ZaOxxdDrbgVBDfnrRZ2E8AAY4wlT2x2w iI1ATK2PyHKRaMk+8hOskweQjxlQc3C4An6ff/wBCPpIzdG3rufsZCQ5YLwUVX0G InY9wFWKcE7LqUjp8l+lnBQyXf7po/LLppgwOR6ccMIxI44JbL/jcxfOT9EbO1bU fvEpzfokfH08j07wwX3ReNWA6xyO2SuWTiXSchUNGnYqNZeOJ115SdPKQC8I8jvi qhw/HLH96FCK19sigW+ELCcuWHdCKvUYVcSYTwXK/zGcMyr9IV4mgJiF0of7l7il ADYMYfT28JpkpdNXuOasfE8s7MNlEQ8wVqbbZt40je0OaoTTc/eslqf3JOlyvKZW 8b/WtYgZ1asgEHp3puTcl6e1EYpdf+Yg61RLVZiZ6W4UpFFgut97jp90yY3cR3C2 4v3C5978JQPGKMFhdB93YNE60fh3KdDWPutR34VwFEuhf50vRkND9++5uhmymtLG 0+vz/7QxoM3fTUuCUZLoPH+qJUYo+HwuasPmWUEyKpqrOT0eBnmZKh33/WHl3uo5 apyD9GgFl8bZjuVsTzirXh0JrLUNj4QWb22snEp9ZU/5uoJ0IaqWX++9jQGoJ+7V VIlfXilU0r8UeorVRuv3+HXDbHRbLnpuVhHTMq6Q1E4brux0Y8NOMxNdJq2UHuFU UVdaBJzKoMw= =Vbpl -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----

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