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SuSE alert SUSE-SA:2005:028 (firefox)

From:  Marcus Meissner <>
Subject:  [suse-security-announce] SUSE Security Announcement: Mozilla Firefox, Mozilla various security problems (SUSE-SA:2005:028)
Date:  Wed, 27 Apr 2005 16:46:46 +0200

-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- ______________________________________________________________________________ SUSE Security Announcement Package: Mozilla. Mozilla Firefox Announcement-ID: SUSE-SA:2005:028 Date: Wed, 27 Apr 2005 15:00:00 +0000 Affected products: 8.2, 9.0, 9.1, 9.2, 9.3 SUSE Linux Desktop 1.0 SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 8, 9 Novell Linux Desktop 9 Vulnerability Type: remote code execution Severity (1-10): 7 SUSE default package: yes Cross References: CAN-2005-0989 MFSA 2005-33 CAN-2005-0752 MFSA 2005-34 CAN-2005-1153 MFSA 2005-35 CAN-2005-1154 MFSA 2005-36 CAN-2005-1155 MFSA 2005-37 CAN-2005-1156 CAN-2005-1157 MFSA 2005-38 CAN-2005-1158 MFSA 2005-39 CAN-2005-1159 MFSA 2005-40 CAN-2005-1160 MFSA 2005-41 Content of this advisory: 1) security vulnerability resolved: various security problems in Mozilla based browsers problem description 2) solution/workaround 3) special instructions and notes 4) package location and checksums 5) pending vulnerabilities, solutions, workarounds: See SUSE Security Summary Report. 6) standard appendix (further information) ______________________________________________________________________________ 1) problem description, brief discussion Several problems have been fixed with the security update releases of the Mozilla Firefox 1.0.3 web browser and the Mozilla Suite 1.7.7. This security update contains those security fixes. The Firefox packages have been directly upgraded to the version 1.0.3, for the Mozilla Suite packages the fixes up to version 1.7.7 have been back ported. Updates are currently provided for: Mozilla Firefox: SUSE Linux 9.0 up to 9.3, Novell Linux Desktop 9 Mozilla Suite: SUSE Linux 9.2 and 9.3 Fixes of the Mozilla Suite for older products (SUSE Linux 8.2 - 9.1, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 8 and 9, SUSE Linux Desktop 1.0) are being worked on. Following security issues have been fixed: - MFSA 2005-33,CAN-2005-0989: A flaw in the Javascript regular expression handling of Mozilla based browser can lead to disclosure of browser memory, potentially exposing private data from web pages viewed or passwords or similar data sent to other web pages. This flaw could also crash the browser. - MFSA 2005-34,CAN-2005-0752: With manual Plugin install it was possible for the Plugin to execute javascript code with the installing users privileges. - MFSA 2005-35,CAN-2005-1153: Showing blocked javascript: pop up uses wrong privilege context, this could be used for a privilege escalation (installing malicious plugins). - MFSA 2005-36,CAN-2005-1154: Cross-site scripting through global scope pollution, this could lead to an attacker being able to run code in foreign websites context, potentially sniffing information or performing actions in that context. - MFSA 2005-37,CAN-2005-1155,"firelinking": Code execution through javascript: favicons, which could be used for a privilege escalation. - MFSA 2005-38,CAN-2005-1157,CAN-2005-1156,"firesearching": Search Plugin cross-site scripting. - MFSA 2005-39,CAN-2005-1158: Arbitrary code execution from Firefox sidebar panel II. - MFSA 2005-40,CAN-2005-1159: Missing Install object instance checks. - MFSA 2005-41,CAN-2005-1160: Privilege escalation via DOM property overrides. 2) solution/workaround None, please install the updated packages. 3) special instructions and notes None. 4) package location and checksums Please download the update package for your distribution and verify its integrity by the methods listed in section 3) of this announcement. Then, install the package using the command "rpm -Fhv file.rpm" to apply the update. Our maintenance customers are being notified individually. The packages are being offered to install from the maintenance web. x86 Platform: SUSE Linux 9.3: fe494d595b165e3d801d8480ba42d934 e8b3034594b1d3ff940899e4b7fd556a 38227c087af417ea098e764d978625f9 0622920dc7c7346e8f3ed97a35043a5b 81e5a8a3dfccd675f27d1b9aa1074def d7445e7ac5d68b84df66836d36bd8e9e 2b5d35f8957bfe8bf36d1d710df16b64 943b850051ec81b65a8ecfb46d2dd186 c1531d820fce14c2da544096c542548e 59421c602e482226aa3b25c342717dbd b44ebfe412ee2d6e4b866659219f449b SUSE Linux 9.2: 736eeae09a23b0378ca294ebaa3c7c63 82c250f9783d6c21fd98a330ebeb267d a0bf81303a3d8dce9eb46af6f31ee518 0d1bd3e050a9d0f64f2afe27195d7aa9 38bf1250cd483a0dc66b276d9640d51e 0452b6dacd213ad2a4a20dda13a080f0 af54b9760cbd16d8a0e14fe789592ca0 220d35ce4aca302c76d282e0aa1fe860 3b8b41a0d4df73413f6b02d7f3014ce1 SUSE Linux 9.1: 633d3e33bdfbccb3ea8665f85bb89a00 source rpm(s): 272a238439a4a2e756815a3b7e79c19f SUSE Linux 9.0: 1c5e3de27a07f3266e6061f655c88cd8 source rpm(s): 9561937bac554affcb5a11115c2125b1 x86-64 Platform: SUSE Linux 9.3: db99d96f3a7425f9619ce04a32762638 fc0018d422f160a0ccade5bf2c0d43f7 8ecfeacdb888abdad99c97f8607c928c 2e3b67a03688f057a86baa97ea38715c e74894451ca70e367cd517ef8288aa3c d03ca7840b33d530f9550a6d31d236c9 8ddf1317fd9a57e2ca2def64efa8a396 34ec54027c3460430b8d92b516a440fd source rpm(s): 34898b0c34ba91ea11121ac11644dcf7 SUSE Linux 9.2: e2a2c8793ded2bb3900ab9594bf860a7 a435cb5e2dcc27248cf61c44e08fda23 27d6d3dc54c25efff8d2369a68f80116 12340bf83bd14e332d30d0b4f3ae3833 3965d0520de2abcddea7732fda1aa24a 5eda1256f790f6ef93497b905e316496 5107c689a3cb8c27b5e257a4cf64a6cc aff79f3b35a26eef5ba540aea8722bed 89e0849e1bb2d8ab0164c7538d5d67fc source rpm(s): 38f5439c03baf379d3ec972bee6be113 2b17a94896e81fafc197a22f4cedc892 SUSE Linux 9.1: 7abc1803a8086e9d298ff4e17e757325 source rpm(s): 3d1e05785b0e84e19caf7f03d29e4dd2 SUSE Linux 9.0: d3e7925e57a397f08ce736d7e5c76432 source rpm(s): e0f87b8aedf4679fc2c3d70ea5404717 ______________________________________________________________________________ 5) Pending vulnerabilities in SUSE Distributions and Workarounds: See SUSE Security Summary Report. ______________________________________________________________________________ 6) standard appendix: authenticity verification, additional information - Package authenticity verification: SUSE update packages are available on many mirror ftp servers all over the world. While this service is being considered valuable and important to the free and open source software community, many users wish to be sure about the origin of the package and its content before installing the package. There are two verification methods that can be used independently from each other to prove the authenticity of a downloaded file or rpm package: 1) md5sums as provided in the (cryptographically signed) announcement. 2) using the internal gpg signatures of the rpm package. 1) execute the command md5sum <name-of-the-file.rpm> after you downloaded the file from a SUSE ftp server or its mirrors. Then, compare the resulting md5sum with the one that is listed in the announcement. Since the announcement containing the checksums is cryptographically signed (usually using the key, the checksums show proof of the authenticity of the package. We disrecommend to subscribe to security lists which cause the email message containing the announcement to be modified so that the signature does not match after transport through the mailing list software. Downsides: You must be able to verify the authenticity of the announcement in the first place. If RPM packages are being rebuilt and a new version of a package is published on the ftp server, all md5 sums for the files are useless. 2) rpm package signatures provide an easy way to verify the authenticity of an rpm package. Use the command rpm -v --checksig <file.rpm> to verify the signature of the package, where <file.rpm> is the filename of the rpm package that you have downloaded. Of course, package authenticity verification can only target an un-installed rpm package file. Prerequisites: a) gpg is installed b) The package is signed using a certain key. The public part of this key must be installed by the gpg program in the directory ~/.gnupg/ under the user's home directory who performs the signature verification (usually root). You can import the key that is used by SUSE in rpm packages for SUSE Linux by saving this announcement to a file ("announcement.txt") and running the command (do "su -" to be root): gpg --batch; gpg < announcement.txt | gpg --import SUSE Linux distributions version 7.1 and thereafter install the key "" upon installation or upgrade, provided that the package gpg is installed. The file containing the public key is placed at the top-level directory of the first CD (pubring.gpg) and at . - SUSE runs two security mailing lists to which any interested party may subscribe: - general/linux/SUSE security discussion. All SUSE security announcements are sent to this list. To subscribe, send an email to <>. - SUSE's announce-only mailing list. Only SUSE's security announcements are sent to this list. To subscribe, send an email to <>. For general information or the frequently asked questions (faq) send mail to: <> or <> respectively. ===================================================================== SUSE's security contact is <> or <>. The <> public key is listed below. ===================================================================== ______________________________________________________________________________ The information in this advisory may be distributed or reproduced, provided that the advisory is not modified in any way. In particular, it is desired that the clear-text signature shows proof of the authenticity of the text. SUSE Linux AG makes no warranties of any kind whatsoever with respect to the information contained in this security advisory. Type Bits/KeyID Date User ID pub 2048R/3D25D3D9 1999-03-06 SuSE Security Team <> pub 1024D/9C800ACA 2000-10-19 SuSE Package Signing Key <> - -----BEGIN PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK----- Version: GnuPG v1.0.6 (GNU/Linux) Comment: For info see mQGiBDnu9IERBACT8Y35+2vv4MGVKiLEMOl9GdST6MCkYS3yEKeueNWc+z/0Kvff 4JctBsgs47tjmiI9sl0eHjm3gTR8rItXMN6sJEUHWzDP+Y0PFPboMvKx0FXl/A0d M+HFrruCgBlWt6FA+okRySQiliuI5phwqkXefl9AhkwR8xocQSVCFxcwvwCglVcO QliHu8jwRQHxlRE0tkwQQI0D+wfQwKdvhDplxHJ5nf7U8c/yE/vdvpN6lF0tmFrK XBUX+K7u4ifrZlQvj/81M4INjtXreqDiJtr99Rs6xa0ScZqITuZC4CWxJa9GynBE D3+D2t1V/f8l0smsuYoFOF7Ib49IkTdbtwAThlZp8bEhELBeGaPdNCcmfZ66rKUd G5sRA/9ovnc1krSQF2+sqB9/o7w5/q2qiyzwOSTnkjtBUVKn4zLUOf6aeBAoV6NM CC3Kj9aZHfA+ND0ehPaVGJgjaVNFhPi4x0e7BULdvgOoAqajLfvkURHAeSsxXIoE myW/xC1sBbDkDUIBSx5oej73XCZgnj/inphRqGpsb+1nKFvF+rQoU3VTRSBQYWNr YWdlIFNpZ25pbmcgS2V5IDxidWlsZEBzdXNlLmRlPohcBBMRAgAcBQI57vSBBQkD wmcABAsKAwQDFQMCAxYCAQIXgAAKCRCoTtronIAKyl8sAJ98BgD40zw0GHJHIf6d NfnwI2PAsgCgjH1+PnYEl7TFjtZsqhezX7vZvYCIRgQQEQIABgUCOnBeUgAKCRCe QOMQAAqrpNzOAKCL512FZvv4VZx94TpbA9lxyoAejACeOO1HIbActAevk5MUBhNe LZa/qM2JARUDBRA6cGBvd7LmAD0l09kBATWnB/9An5vfiUUE1VQnt+T/EYklES3t XXaJJp9pHMa4fzFa8jPVtv5UBHGee3XoUNDVwM2OgSEISZxbzdXGnqIlcT08TzBU D9i579uifklLsnr35SJDZ6ram51/CWOnnaVhUzneOA9gTPSr+/fT3WeVnwJiQCQ3 0kNLWVXWATMnsnT486eAOlT6UNBPYQLpUprF5Yryk23pQUPAgJENDEqeU6iIO9Ot 1ZPtB0lniw+/xCi13D360o1tZDYOp0hHHJN3D3EN8C1yPqZd5CvvznYvB6bWBIpW cRgdn2DUVMmpU661jwqGlRz1F84JG/xe4jGuzgpJt9IXSzyohEJB6XG5+D0BiF0E ExECAB0FAjxqqTQFCQoAgrMFCwcKAwQDFQMCAxYCAQIXgAAKCRCoTtronIAKyp1f AJ9dR7saz2KPNwD3U+fy/0BDKXrYGACfbJ8fQcJqCBQxeHvt9yMPDVq0B0W5Ag0E Oe70khAIAISR0E3ozF/la+oNaRwxHLrCet30NgnxRROYhPaJB/Tu1FQokn2/Qld/ HZnh3TwhBIw1FqrhWBJ7491iAjLR9uPbdWJrn+A7t8kSkPaF3Z/6kyc5a8fas44h t5h+6HMBzoFCMAq2aBHQRFRNp9Mz1ZvoXXcI1lk1l8OqcUM/ovXbDfPcXsUVeTPT tGzcAi2jVl9hl3iwJKkyv/RLmcusdsi8YunbvWGFAF5GaagYQo7YlF6UaBQnYJTM 523AMgpPQtsKm9o/w9WdgXkgWhgkhZEeqUS3m5xNey1nLu9iMvq9M/iXnGz4sg6Q 2Y+GqZ+yAvNWjRRou3zSE7Bzg28MI4sAAwYH/2D71Xc5HPDgu87WnBFgmp8MpSr8 QnSs0wwPg3xEullGEocolSb2c0ctuSyeVnCttJMzkukL9TqyF4s/6XRstWirSWaw JxRLKH6Zjo/FaKsshYKf8gBkAaddvpl3pO0gmUYbqmpQ3xDEYlhCeieXS5MkockQ 1sj2xYdB1xO0ExzfiCiscUKjUFy+mdzUsUutafuZ+gbHog1CN/ccZCkxcBa5IFCH ORrNjq9pYWlrxsEn6ApsG7JJbM2besW1PkdEoxak74z1senh36m5jQvVjA3U4xq1 wwylxadmmJaJHzeiLfb7G1ZRjZTsB7fyYxqDzMVul6o9BSwO/1XsIAnV1uuITAQY EQIADAUCOe70kgUJA8JnAAAKCRCoTtronIAKyksiAJsFB3/77SkH3JlYOGrEe1Ol 0JdGwACeKTttgeVPFB+iGJdiwQlxasOfuXyITAQYEQIADAUCPGqpWQUJCgCCxwAK CRCoTtronIAKyofBAKCSZM2UFyta/fe9WgITK9I5hbxxtQCfX+0ar2CZmSknn3co SPihn1+OBNyZAQ0DNuEtBAAAAQgAoCRcd7SVZEFcumffyEwfLTcXQjhKzOahzxpo omuF+HIyU4AGq+SU8sTZ/1SsjhdzzrSAfv1lETACA+3SmLr5KV40Us1w0UC64cwt A46xowVq1vMlH2Lib+V/qr3b1hE67nMHjysECVx9Ob4gFuKNoR2eqnAaJvjnAT8J /LoUC20EdCHUqn6v+M9t/WZgC+WNR8cq69uDy3YQhDP/nIan6fm2uf2kSV9A7ZxE GrwsWl/WX5Q/sQqMWaU6r4az98X3z90/cN+eJJ3vwtA+rm+nxEvyev+jaLuOQBDf ebh/XA4FZ35xmi+spdiVeJH4F/ubaGlmj7+wDOF3suYAPSXT2QAFEbQlU3VTRSBT ZWN1cml0eSBUZWFtIDxzZWN1cml0eUBzdXNlLmRlPokBFQMFEDbhLUfkWLKHsco8 RQEBVw4H/1vIdiOLX/7hdzYaG9crQVIk3QwaB5eBbjvLEMvuCZHiY2COUg5QdmPQ 8SlWNZ6k4nu1BLcv2g/pymPUWP9fG4tuSnlUJDrWGm3nhyhAC9iudP2u1YQY37Gb B6NPVaZiYMnEb4QYFcqv5c/r2ghSXUTYk7etd6SW6WCOpEqizhx1cqDKNZnsI/1X 11pFcO2N7rc6byDBJ1T+cK+F1Ehan9XBt/shryJmv04nli5CXQMEbiqYYMOu8iaA 8AWRgXPCWqhyGhcVD3LRhUJXjUOdH4ZiHCXaoF3zVPxpeGKEQY8iBrDeDyB3wHmj qY9WCX6cmogGQRgYG6yJqDalLqrDOdmJARUDBRA24S0Ed7LmAD0l09kBAW04B/4p WH3f1vQn3i6/+SmDjGzUu2GWGq6Fsdwo2hVM2ym6CILeow/K9JfhdwGvY8LRxWRL hn09j2IJ9P7H1Yz3qDf10AX6V7YILHtchKT1dcngCkTLmDgC4rs1iAAl3f089sRG BafGPGKv2DQjHfR1LfRtbf0P7c09Tkej1MP8HtQMW9hPkBYeXcwbCjdrVGFOzqx+ AvvJDdT6a+oyRMTFlvmZ83UV5pgoyimgjhWnM1V4bFBYjPrtWMkdXJSUXbR6Q7Pi RZWCzGRzwbaxqpl3rK/YTCphOLwEMB27B4/fcqtBzgoMOiaZA0M5fFoo54KgRIh0 zinsSx2OrWgvSiLEXXYKiEYEEBECAAYFAjseYcMACgkQnkDjEAAKq6ROVACgjhDM /3KM+iFjs5QXsnd4oFPOnbkAnjYGa1J3em+bmV2aiCdYXdOuGn4ZiQCVAwUQN7c7 whaQN/7O/JIVAQEB+QP/cYblSAmPXxSFiaHWB+MiUNw8B6ozBLK0QcMQ2YcL6+Vl D+nSZP20+Ja2nfiKjnibCv5ss83yXoHkYk2Rsa8foz6Y7tHwuPiccvqnIC/c9Cvz dbIsdxpfsi0qWPfvX/jLMpXqqnPjdIZErgxpwujas1n9016PuXA8K3MJwVjCqSKI RgQQEQIABgUCOhpCpAAKCRDHUqoysN/3gCt7AJ9adNQMbmA1iSYcbhtgvx9ByLPI DgCfZ5Wj+f7cnYpFZI6GkAyyczG09sE= =LRKC - -----END PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK----- -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- Version: GnuPG v1.2.4 (GNU/Linux) iQEVAwUBQm+lsXey5gA9JdPZAQGHdQf/aZ19x8EVyOoEUu3rmzdpYt4HgtSWq1xx GjyQQHwTBNhX6SFGgnl592nK7NpSWCz+we1VOskEXLjwYO0xmwkdvFz/C+eHLl/N 3LfIh/k9jNA2LxAAlb30b5wEPBefCTLW9dPg53zoDc4CeTq/UPyKDjy/HPYuH5lv Ws41Acy5m7LhEXhtXfK/3ozNpEklqcrIKS0lCe52WxVMUUoiGvkKjtWtbOZWGY/I 78iCvD9pCDecqawN46mFBT+uPf9XsqB37CRfcO4IY78M8yjRQEYafk0pEqLM+U0O nit9WAQalIplim5AEMhUOEaBZixq67uoNy5LI3Uv7ZVybIQr004E0g== =kuK6 -----END PGP SIGNATURE----- -- To unsubscribe, e-mail: For additional commands, e-mail:

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