The DMCA Protest at Stanford
18 May 2000

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I showed up at the Stanford Law School before the rest of the protestors and ran into Chris DiBona who was helping to get ready for a press conference that EFF was holding before the hearing. It was a beautiful day for freedom. A bunch more people showed up -- we had about 40 at the peak.

Original announcement.

I loaned my digital camera to Jason Wright to take pictures. He doesn't appear in any of the others so here he is now.

It was a beautiful day for an outdoor event.

Chris DiBona surveyed the crowd from the second floor balcony.

Katina Bishop from EFF came out to coordinate our media manipulation stragegies. When the reporters showed up we made sure they knew where the EFF press conference was.

While we were demonstrating outside, EFF was holding a press conference inside.

Me, telling random people about the evils of DMCA.

A few random people walking by were really interested. Here I'm telling someone about the Cyber Patrol case.

Eric S. Raymond hung out with us outside for a while then went in to the EFF press conference inside.

People handing out flyers, from above.

Good pass.

The press conference in progress.

Here we are chanting "Hey, Hey, USA, free speech, not DMCA!"

We're famous. We got interviewed by the media and everything.

A lot of people heard about the event from Slashdot, and here are some of them handing out flyers. Thanks to 2600 for the MPAA stickers.

More random pictures.

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Don Marti